Chile’s ‘TikTok Narco Queen’ Sabrina Duran murdered in broad daylight

TikTok Narco Queen, Sabrina Duran.  -TikTok/@KatrinaGasman
‘TikTok Narco Queen, Sabrina Duran. -TikTok/@KatrinaGasman

A chilling video recorded by a bystander shows a social media-famous drug dealer lying face down in the middle of a street in Santiago on Tuesday morning after being shot by a masked assailant.

Sabrina Duran, 24, known as the ‘TikTok Narco Queen’, was headed to a nail salon when she was stopped by three men in the Santiago city of Padre Hurtado, Chilean news outlets report.

In the footage, Duran, who was the mother of a child, is seen already lying on the ground and trying to get up when a gunman moves forward and shoots her several times before using his vehicle to escape. Runs. daily Mail informed of.

Chilean police have not disclosed a motive for the horrific murder, but people familiar with the investigation claim it was related to “settling a score.”

No additional information was given regarding who and why. However, authorities discovered Duran’s car on fire in the town of Quilicura.

Police Chief Leonel Munoz told reporters, “We are expanding the area of ​​the investigation to see if there are more motivating (factors).”

In 2022, Duran was arrested for drug trafficking and sentenced to three years in prison. Before being captured he attempted to escape by jumping from the third floor along with other prisoners.

Duran has over 467,000 followers on TikTok, where she has been promoting beauty products since 2021.

On Monday, she uploaded a video reviewing items she received from DCM Cosmetics. Cosmetic company owner Chanel Morales told loon In the newspaper he saw Duran’s troubled background.

“I look up to him because he has a lot of followers,” Morales said.

“She got a lot of attention on TikTok because she was the narco queen, a bad girl, but her looks and voice demonstrated the opposite.

“She was so sweet. She loved supporting virtual small and medium companies.”

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