CJP Isa calls SJC meeting to hear complaints against SC judges

A man walks past the Supreme Court building in Islamabad, Pakistan on June 27, 2016.  - Reuters
A man walks past the Supreme Court building in Islamabad, Pakistan on June 27, 2016. – Reuters
  • CJP Isa will review complaints against judges.
  • He is also likely to address the objections of his fellow judges.
  • Justice Naqvi demanded removal of CJP Isa and other judges.

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa has called a meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) on November 20 to review complaints against judges of the apex court.

The Chief Justice’s decision to call the meeting came after receiving complaints against Justice Syed Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi and Sardar Tariq Masood.

At the meeting, the CJP is expected to assess the complaints filed by Isa, while the SJC is expected to address the objections raised by the above apex court judges regarding the participation of the Chief Justice himself and Justice Naeem Afghan in hearing the complaints against him. is likely to.

Justice Naqvi has recently submitted a preliminary reply to the show cause notice issued to him by the SJC and has objected to the participation of three members of the commission, including CJP Isa, Justice Masood and Justice Naeem Afghan, and their removal on the grounds of “bias”. Demand for separation. ” and other grounds.

Justice Naqvi claimed that the proceedings against him regarding misconduct were politically motivated and lacked legality, propriety and transparency.

In the 18-page document, Justice Naqvi wrote: “His participation in the proceedings which resulted in the show cause notice being issued to me, inter alia, prejudices those proceedings and all orders passed in such proceedings Without valid authority and no legal effect.”

The judge objected that CJP Isa and Justice Afghan, being the chairman and member respectively of the inquiry commission probing the audio leak case against him, could not participate in the SJC proceedings against him.

“The [inquiry commission] The proceedings are sub judice. The same alleged audio leaks that were sent to the Commission of Inquiry are the subject of complaints against me before the SJC. SRO is still in the field. SRO 596(I)/2023 dated May 19, 2023 is attached as Annexure L. The order of the Supreme Court dated May 26, 2023 passed in Constitution Petition Nos. 14 to 17 of 2023 is attached as Annexure M,” he said.

Furthermore, he said the same thing about Justice Masood and expressed his objection to the claim that the judge “is disqualified from hearing those complaints as a member of the SJC after he has expressed an opinion on the complaints against me”.

He said that Justice Masood’s opinions expressed in certain letters established that “he has already formed a view on the matter”.

Justice Naqvi said that Justice Masood deliberately delayed giving his opinion until the change in the composition of the SJC after former CJP Omar Ata Bandial.

Furthermore, the judge said that Justice Masood is also one of the judges who is facing a complaint against him before the SJC.

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