Delightful! Israeli military thinks calendar contains names of Hamas ‘terrorists’

As the Israel-Hamas war escalates and Tel Aviv’s military flexes its muscles by indiscriminately targeting civilians and hospitals, misinformation is also on the rise – seemingly being spread by pro-Israel people.

During a major event such as an armed conflict, many social media users share misleading or baseless claims, including inaccurately captioned photos or altered documents, in an attempt to shape public perception.

It included fake footage of women being attacked after their deaths, Hamas’s ‘parachute glider’ – which was actually an old video of an Egyptian paraglider – and several other video clips, including the famous 40 Babies.

But the latest has left people angry and angry because it was shared by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) – showing that they are pushing propaganda at the state level.

In a post on To get out”.

“Inside these tunnels, Hamas […] “Hide, operate, and hold the Israeli people against their will,” the post said.

The fun starts now.

As the IDF spokesman passed through the site, he came across a room that he claimed was where Hamas members were holding hostages – who were abducted on October 7, when the group attacked Israel .

“We are in an operation […] Against Israel,” the spokesman said, pointing to a calendar on the wall.

He further described it as a “security list”, where each terrorist writes his name and each terrorist has his own shift which protects the people present here.

As soon as the Israeli army posted the video on its X account, people immediately said that they need to learn Arabic because they are surrounded by Arabic-speaking countries.

Fact checker Mohammad Zubair said that only days are written on the calendar, nothing more.

As the war is no closer to stopping, there will be more instances where people share unverified claims – but only then should we understand that no information should be consumed and we need to cross-check things coming in .

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