Diabetes behind ‘35% premature deaths’ in Pakistan

A person is getting his blood sugar level checked.  - AFP/File
A person is getting his blood sugar level checked. – AFP/File

With the increasing number of diabetic patients, it has come to light that this new disease is one of the primary causes of premature deaths in the country.

This shocking revelation came during a seminar organized by the Institute of Public Health (IPH) on World Diabetes Day, in which experts highlighted the dangers of diabetes and attributed it to diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure and blindness. Ordained.

The event aims to raise public awareness and promote collaborative efforts among medical professionals to curb the growing health crisis.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Mehreen Farooqui said that 35% of premature deaths in Pakistan are linked to diabetes.

He also stressed the need for regular blood tests, especially for people above 35 years of age, so that early detection of diabetes and preventive measures can be taken.

Meanwhile, IPH Dean Professor Dr Zarfashan Tahir highlighted that 32 million Pakistanis suffer from diabetes – which acts as a significant precursor to other life-threatening conditions.

The Forum also highlighted the importance of measures like daily exercise to reduce the risks of diabetes and Dr. Shafa Ali emphasized that just taking 500 steps per day can reduce the risk of diabetes to a great extent .

Dr Mahnaz Nasir Khan echoed Shafa’s comments, saying that a change in daily habits, emphasizing that one must eat to live, not live to eat.

The program concluded with a symbolic march of the Dean, faculty members, doctors and students.

Apart from this, a nutrition camp provided free sugar testing, blood pressure check and weight assessment providing practical information about diabetes prevention, management and necessary measures.

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