Donald Trump Jr. to take the witness stand as defense prepares case in $250 million fraud trial

Donald Trump Jr. outside court in Manhattan earlier this month.  -Reuters/File
Donald Trump Jr. outside court in Manhattan earlier this month. -Reuters/File

Donald Trump Jr. is set to testify again in New York as defense lawyers for the Trump family company present their case in a $250 million fraud trial.

Trump Jr. is the first witness on the defense’s list, which includes Donald Trump and Eric Trump, although it is uncertain whether they will be called to testify.

The New York Attorney General’s office is suing Trump Organization executives, including Trump Jr., for allegedly inflating asset values ​​on financial statements.

The case, which could carry a fine of at least $250 million if convicted, came after prosecutors rested their case following Ivanka Trump’s testimony last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a New York judge has already ruled that Trump should have his business licenses revoked for fraud pending an appellate court review.

Trump Jr. previously testified on November 1, stating that he did not act on the financial statements in question, despite signing numerous documents confirming their accuracy. He suggested that banks should do their own “due diligence” rather than relying on financial statements.

During his first appearance, Trump Jr. was not questioned by his team. Now, his lawyers aim to argue that the lenders were not harmed and that they actively sought a relationship with the Trump family.

Throughout the trial, Trump downplayed the importance of the financial statements, and emphasized that they were handled by the organization’s accountants and legal departments.

Despite evidence showing his involvement in the financial statements, Trump claims he does not remember working on or using them. When Donald Trump himself testified, he criticized the judge and New York Attorney General Letitia James, while his children, especially Ivanka Trump, tried to downplay the importance of the financial details.

Trump’s defense team plans to complete witness testimony by December 15, while the trial is scheduled to last through December 22, although it could potentially end earlier.

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