ECP may allow senators, LG representatives to campaign for their parties

In this undated photo, a security officer walks past the ECP office in Islamabad.  - AFP/File
In this undated photo, a security officer walks past the ECP office in Islamabad. – AFP/File
  • Public officials cannot participate in election campaigns.
  • An Assembly Speaker can campaign only in his own constituency.
  • Ban on public meetings in a constituency 48 hours before voting.

ISLAMABAD: As the country gears up for the February 8 national elections, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is finalizing the code of conduct according to which senators and local government representatives can be allowed to campaign for their parties. , has been reported news on Friday.

According to the draft ECP guidelines, lawmakers will have to strictly follow the instructions, directions and regulations and violations will result in legal consequences, including contempt proceedings under Section 10 of the Election Act 2017.

This conduct makes political parties, candidates and election agents liable to prevent their workers from exerting undue pressure on the print and electronic media, including newspaper offices and printing presses, or from resorting to violence against journalists.

The election watchdog has also suggested a complete ban on carrying and displaying all types of arms and firearms in public meetings, processions, on the day of polling and for 24 hours after the official results are consolidated by the returning officers.

Violation will be considered illegal practice. This condition will not apply to guards of political party leaders or candidates, but they will be required to have a valid license to carry arms and prior permission from the concerned authority.

All forms of firing, including aerial firing, use of firecrackers or other explosives by any person at public meetings and at or near polling stations, are prohibited.

Public-office holders – President, Prime Minister, Senate Speaker/Deputy Speaker, Assembly Speaker/Deputy Speaker, Federal Ministers, Ministers of State, Governors, Chief Ministers, Provincial Ministers, Advisors to the Prime Minister, Mayors/Chairmen/Nazis and their deputies – in any manner Cannot participate in election campaign. This restriction will also apply to caretaker setup.

If an Assembly Speaker is a candidate, he can campaign in his constituency, however, he will not use official protocols/resources.

There will be a complete ban on calling, organizing or taking part in any public meeting, or campaigning for or taking part in any procession within the area of ​​any constituency before 48 hours of the close of poll. All election campaigns will have to end before the said time.

A political party is required to take necessary steps to maintain discipline within the party, its candidates, employees and supporters and guide them to comply with the laws and regulations.

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