Elections, economy top agenda in Nawaz-Bloom meeting

The US envoy also met IPI chief Jahangir Tarinap, while British envoy Jane Marriott met Zardari in Karachi.

US Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Blom (left) and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif.  - X/@pmln_org
US Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Blom (left) and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif. – X/@pmln_org
  • About 60 diplomats have expressed interest in meeting Nawaz.
  • Marriott also met PPP Co-Chairman Asif Zardari in Karachi today.
  • The US envoy also met IPI supremo Jahangir Tareen in Lahore.

The general elections and Pakistan’s struggling economy were discussed as United States Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Blom met Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif in Lahore.

The meeting between the senior politician and the US envoy took place at his residence in Lahore on Saturday.

On Thursday, British High Commissioner to Pakistan Jane Marriott also reached the PML-N supremo’s house, where her daughter and party’s chief organizer Maryam Nawaz was also present.

As general elections in Pakistan approach, Nawaz – the country’s three-time prime minister – is being seen as the most sought-after leader by top diplomats based in Islamabad.

according to a news According to reports, around 60 diplomats, including ambassadors and high commissioners, want to interact with him and seek his views on sensitive and important international issues and bilateral topics of their respective interests.

The interest in meeting the PML-N leader comes after he returned to Pakistan after spending four years in exile, just months before the general elections scheduled for February 8, 2024, with the possibility that he may again hold the top executive post.

According to a PML-N statement, during the meeting with Blom, Nawaz stressed the importance of Pakistan’s relations with the US, particularly recalling his various interactions with American leaders, where both sides had always The importance of Pakistan-US relations was acknowledged.

The senior politician also shared his views on the political and economic situation in Pakistan, especially in the context of his party’s preparations for the upcoming elections.

He expressed “confidence” that the people of Pakistan will once again repose their trust in the PML-N to lead them out of the myriad problems the country is facing today.

They also discussed the enduring bilateral relations between Pakistan and the US and cooperation on multilateral matters of mutual interest. The two leaders acknowledged the importance of a firm and strong partnership between the two countries.

They recognized the importance of exploring ways to boost cooperation and building on the successful outcomes underpinning strong bilateral relations.

The US Ambassador and Nawaz Sharif discussed a wide range of areas including trade, economy, climate change, security and regional stability.

Regional development was also discussed.

The PML-N supremo raised the issue of the plight of innocent Palestinians who were being killed mercilessly due to the indiscriminate Israeli bombardment and siege around Gaza. He called for an immediate cessation of hostilities and immediate provision of humanitarian and medical assistance to the people.

Ambassador Blom shared US priorities with the PML-N leader and thanked him for the candid and cordial exchange of views during the meeting.

Blom meets Jahangir Tarin

Later, US Ambassador Blom also held a meeting with Istihkaam-e-Pakistan Party (IPI) chief Jahangir Tareen in Lahore, during which the two talked about Pak-US relations, economic reforms and the upcoming general elections in the country. . ,

On this occasion, the American envoy expressed resolve to strengthen mutual relations with Pakistan.

In the meeting with Blom, Tareen said that his party is prepared for the upcoming general elections, telling him that electoral and political activities have started in full swing.

IPI leaders Ishaq Khakwani and Aun Chaudhary were also present during the meeting.

British envoy met Asif Zardari

Meanwhile, UK Ambassador Jane Marriott held a meeting with Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari in Karachi today, during which the two discussed promoting bilateral relations between the two countries.

In a high-level meeting, former President Zardari honored the British envoy on the birthday of King Charles III. He also extended his good wishes to newly appointed British Foreign Minister David Cameron last week.

During the meeting, the senior PPP politician stressed that Britain should play a conciliatory role in ending Israeli aggression in Gaza.

PPP leaders including Senator Salim Mandviwala and Dr Asim were also present on the occasion.

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