FBI finds man decorated with 40 human skulls and spines in his home

Human skeletons and skulls are visible in the picture.  - Facebook/William Burke
Human skeletons and skulls are visible in the picture. – Facebook/William Burke

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested a Kentucky man after 40 human skulls and spines were found to “decorate” his home. Independent informed of.

When FBI agents went to the home of 39-year-old James Knott, they asked if anyone else was with him.

“Only my dead friends,” he replied.

Authorities linked the case to the Harvard Mortuary Smuggling Scheme in which a network of people was allegedly involved in smuggling stolen human remains from the Harvard Medical School morgue.

Agents found approximately 40 human skulls, spinal cords, thigh bones, and hip bones in Knotts’ apartment and a Harvard Medical School bag.

The man has been charged with selling human organs and illegally possessing a gun.

The remains were interred in Knott’s apartment, one of which was wrapped with a headscarf while the other was on her bed.

Knott’s Facebook revealed that he was using the name “William Burke” to purchase human remains from an online page. He also exchanged messages with Jeremy Pauley of Pennsylvania, who was charged in the Harvard morgue case.

According to huffpostA preliminary investigation revealed that the body parts found in Knott’s home were not from the Harvard morgue. However, he tried to sell them to someone who was connected to the case.

Nott had shared pictures and videos of the human remains to Polly.

“They will be here soon…not yet claimed,” he said in a message.

“Yeah, some of these prices are just ridiculous. I don’t mind paying a little for the store’s stock,” Pauley reportedly replied. “Things look good. How much is the total for the couple and the last video you sent and the spine?

Last month, six people were charged with trafficking stolen human remains from Harvard Medical School.

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