For the first time, AP signs agreement with OpenAI to license news

The OpenAI logo is seen in this illustration taken on March 31, 2023.  - Reuters
The OpenAI logo is seen in this illustration taken on March 31, 2023. – Reuters

For the first time, a major news agency associated Press (AP) Has entered into an agreement with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI to share select news content and technology, according to reports axios,

The two-year deal is one of the first official news-sharing agreements signed between an artificial intelligence firm and a news agency.

OpenAI will license some of these AP The 1985 text collection has been used for training its AI algorithms, Axios said.

During this, AP The technology and product expertise of OpenAI will be leveraged, the statement said.

It added, “Both organizations will benefit from each other’s established expertise in their respective industries, and believe in the responsible creation and use of these AI systems.”

The technical details of how sharing will work on the backend are still under discussion, according to a spokesperson.

Brad Lightkapp, chief operating officer of OpenAI, said AP “Feedback – along with access to their high-quality, factual text archive – will help improve the capabilities and usefulness of OpenAI’s systems.”

AP was one of the first news organizations to use automation technology in its news reporting. It has used automation in corporate earnings reports, coverage of local sporting events, production processes, and translation.

It also launched an AI-enabled search tool this year, making it easier for users to search for media, including photos and videos, using descriptive language.

“The AP strongly supports a framework that will ensure intellectual property is protected and content creators are fairly compensated for their work,” it said. APKristin Heitman, Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer.

“News organizations must have a seat at the table to ensure that newsrooms large and small can take advantage of this technology to benefit journalism,” he added.

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