For the first time, Taliban government exports juice produced in Afghanistan to the US

Taliban spokesman shared pictures of the consignment on the micro-blogging site.  - Twitter / @Zabehulah_M33
Taliban spokesman shared pictures of the consignment on the micro-blogging site. – Twitter / @Zabehulah_M33

Interim regime spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on his official Twitter that Taliban-led Afghanistan has exported a batch of locally produced soft drinks for the first time.

Sharing pictures of the consignment on the micro-blogging site, he said the pomegranate soft drink was produced at a factory in the war-torn country’s Herat province.

No further details were given by the interim government regarding the first export shipment.

In March, the Afghan government’s Department of Economic Affairs said exports reached $1.9 billion this year, a 63% increase over the previous year.

Ministry spokesman Abdul Salam Jawad said, “Our biggest import was linen cloth from various countries such as China and Pakistan, and our biggest exports are coal, dried fruits and carpets.” toulonnews As it is being said.

In addition, the United Nations said in early April that the number of Afghans living in poverty had nearly doubled to 34 million, as the country grapples with the collapse of the US-backed government and a Taliban takeover.

Major foreign subsidies were halted and aid programs were dramatically cut after the fall of the US-backed republic in 2021 as many countries refused to deal with Taliban officials in Kabul.

The NGOs, which are still providing vital aid, were dealt a further blow last December by a Taliban government order that barred Afghan women from working for them.

This month the ban was extended to UN Afghan women workers and the organization said it faced a “terrible choice” about whether to continue with its aid plans.

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