Holy Quran desecrated in front of Iraqi embassy in Denmark

Danish Patriots protesters demonstrate in front of the Iraqi Embassy on July 24, 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  - Reuters
“Danish Patriots” protesters demonstrate in front of the Iraqi embassy on July 24, 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. – Reuters
  • Two protesters from “Danish Patriots” set the Holy Quran on fire.
  • Iraq-Denmark bilateral relations likely to deteriorate further.
  • Protesters also burned its flag in front of the Iraqi embassy.

In another provocative attempt to enrage Muslims around the world, two Danish men insulted the Iraqi embassy in Denmark on Monday by burning a copy of the Holy Quran.

This act could further worsen the bilateral relations between the countries.

Mass protests broke out in Iran and Iran after Denmark and Sweden allowed desecration of the holy Quran under rules protecting freedom of expression. Protesters in Iraq set fire to the Swedish embassy in Baghdad on Thursday.

Both protesters were from a group that calls itself “Danish Patriots”, which staged a similar demonstration last week and live-streamed the events on Facebook.

Several thousand Iraqis demonstrated in Baghdad on Saturday over arson in the two Nordic countries, at a gathering called by several ruling Iraqi parties and armed groups close to Iran.

The organizer of Monday’s demonstration in Copenhagen crumpled up a Quran and placed it in a tin foil tray next to an Iraqi flag on the ground.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that those who insult the Koran should be “severely punished”.

A few weeks ago, Pope Francis also condemned the burning of the Holy Quran in Sweden in June, saying the heinous act left him “angry and disheartened”.

His comments came after a Quran desecration incident in Sweden, when a man torched a copy of the holy book outside a mosque in the country’s capital last week.

“Any book that is considered sacred must be respected by those who believe in it,” the Pope said in an interview with a UAE newspaper. Al IttihadPublished on Monday.

“I feel anger and disgust at these actions.

“Freedom of expression should never be used as a means to disparage others and should not be allowed to disapprove and slander.”

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