How this man triumphed over his disability after going blind at career peak?

Calvin Echevarria listening to JAWS describe his computer screen at work. CBS News
Calvin Echevarria listening to JAWS describe his computer screen at work. CBS News

Calvin Echevarria, a man who once basked in the glow of a happy family, a loving daughter, and a fulfilling job, found himself facing an unexpected, life-altering challenge when he lost his sight. 

What happened afterwards was a remarkable tale of resilience and transformation caused by Calvin’s unwavering capacity to overcome adversity. 

In 2005, Calvin’s life was on an upward trajectory. He reveled in the simple joys of family life, cherishing the laughter and love shared with his daughter. His professional life was equally rewarding, with a steady job that not only sustained his family but also stoked his ambitions.

However, destiny took a sharp turn, plunging Calvin into darkness as he confronted the harsh reality of losing his sight. This sudden twist left him grappling with doubts about his future and how he would witness his daughter’s growth.

Calvin’s journey of adaptation and resilience began with the pursuit of independent living skills, learning to navigate the world without sight. But he yearned for more—a chance to contribute meaningfully through work. It was during this quest that he discovered Lighthouse Works in Orlando, an organization dedicated to providing job opportunities for the visually impaired and blind.

Lighthouse Works, an evolution of Lighthouse Central Florida, established in 1976, had transformed into a company offering call center and supply chain services. In 2011, they made a pivotal shift by actively hiring visually impaired and blind individuals.

Calvin found himself at home in Lighthouse Works’ call center, where he uses a computer system called JAWS to navigate his work. With determination and adaptability, he honed his skills, becoming proficient at an impressive speed. To his customers, his blindness remains hidden, allowing him to perform his job with excellence.

In this inclusive workspace, Calvin discovered not only purpose but also the joy of providing for his family. What once was a source of worry had transformed into a wellspring of pride. Moreover, Calvin’s journey has come full circle, as his daughter also found employment at Lighthouse Works.

Echevarria derives a sense of purpose from his job, allowing him to provide for his family and mentor his daughter, who is also employed at Lighthouse Works. He cherishes the renewed connection with his daughter, as she seeks his guidance once more.

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