India’s Anju ‘feels safe’ in Pakistan

  • Anju says that her visit to Pakistan was planned and legal.
  • Indian lady says she will leave for India in a few days.
  • She requests Indian media not to harass her children, family.

An Indian woman visiting her Pakistani friend Nasrullah has said she “feels safe here” in Pakistan.

“I want to convey to all of them that I have come here [Pakistan] Legally and with a plan, because it wasn’t even two days that I suddenly came here and I’m safe here,’ Anju, 35, from Calor in Uttar Pradesh, India, said in a short video message.

However, she said that she has no plans to stay here as she will leave in a few days the way she came to Pakistan.

Anju also requested the Indian media to speak to her if they wanted to know anything about her visit to Upper Dir instead of harassing her family in India.

“I request all media persons not to disturb my relatives and children,” she added.

Earlier, Additional Dir District Police Officer (DPO) Mushtaq Khan had confirmed that Anju had traveled to Pakistan legally and had a valid visa to stay here for a month.

He said Indian women are “happy” in Pakistan.

DPO Khan also said that security has been provided at Nasrullah’s residence, where Anju has been staying since her arrival.

According to Anju, her friendship with Nasrullah, a resident of Kulshoin village in KP district, started on Facebook, which later turned into love.

The woman told local reporters that she was deeply in love with Nasrullah and could not live without him, the reason behind her visit to the rival country.

The Indian woman said that she decided to leave her country and go to Pakistan and traveled to Upper Dir on a visit visa.

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