Jenin operation: 10 Palestinians killed in Israeli attack

People look at an armored vehicle amid an Israeli military operation in Jenin in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on July 3, 2023.  - Reuters
People look at an armored vehicle amid an Israeli military operation in Jenin in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on July 3, 2023. – Reuters
  • Deadliest violence in two decades.
  • America, United Nations worried about the operation
  • 100 people injured, 20 serious.

At least 10 Palestinians have lost their lives as Israel’s operation in Jenin enters its second day, a senior aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday, adding that the crackdown would soon be halted.

al Jazeera The report said that more than 1,000 Israeli soldiers and commandos, supported by airstrikes, attacked the Jenin refugee camp in the early hours of Monday, during which about 100 people were injured.

The deadliest raid in two decades prompted United States and United Nations concerns over humanitarian conditions and forced the Palestinian Authority to suspend contact with Israel.

According to Israel, the operation in the Jenin refugee camp, codenamed “Home and Garden”, has been launched to “overthrow Iranian-backed Palestinian armed groups”. reuters informed of.

The Israeli military claims that armed groups are responsible for gun and bomb attacks as well as initial attempts to build rockets.

While the violence continued, at least six drones were seen circling over the city and the surrounding camp, which is densely populated and home to some 14,000 people in an area of ​​less than half a square kilometre. daily saba,

“What is going on in the refugee camp is a real war,” said Khalid Alhamd, a Palestinian ambulance driver. “There were attacks from the sky targeting the camp, each time we used to bring about five to seven ambulances and we would come back full of wounded.”

The death toll rose to 10 after one person died in hospital overnight, the Palestinian health ministry said, while 100 people were injured, 20 of them in critical condition.

Israeli National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanabi told Kan radio after a relative lull in overnight clashes: “The operation is close to meeting the set goals.”

The Palestinian Red Crescent said it had evacuated 500 families, or about 3,000 people, from the camp, which has been one of the focal points of a wave of violence in the occupied West Bank for more than a year.

The United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) has said it is deeply concerned about the damage caused by Israel’s attack on the densely populated Jenin refugee camp, Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

While aid groups demanded Israel ensure humanitarian access, the US said it respected Israel’s right to defend itself but noted that civilian casualties should be avoided. The United Nations said that all military operations must respect international law.

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