Jobs at risk? India unveils another AI anchor

Odisha TV's first AI news presenter Lisa is speaking in this still from a video.  — Twitter/otvnews
Odisha TV’s first AI news anchor ‘Lisa’ speaking in this still from a video. — Twitter/otvnews

As the world’s interest and development in artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow rapidly, India’s tech and AI industry has grown rapidly in the recent past.

While many developers are still experimenting with AI content, trying to understand its nuances and implications, some companies have introduced AI to a level that has taken people by surprise.

An Odia based news station, Odisha TVrecently introduced its first AI news anchor, Lisa, to “revolutionize” television broadcasting.

Taking to Twitter, OTV Disclosure: “Meet Lisa, OTV And Odisha’s first AI news anchor is all set to revolutionize TV broadcasting and journalism.”

The channel further revealed: “of OTV AI news anchor Lisa has the ability to speak multiple languages. Apart from English, she will easily present news in Odia as well. OTV and its digital platforms.”

In the video shared by the Indian broadcaster, the vivacious Lisa introduced herself in fluent English.

She further said that her launch was a “historic moment” and revealed that she would be hosting news updates afterwards.

moreover, OTV He said that training Lisa in Oriya was a major task that they were still working on.

He said he hopes to train the AI ​​host to a level where it can interact with others easily.

“Efforts are on to make Lisa more proficient in Odia in coming days. You can find and follow Lisa on all major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook,” he added.

Another Indian channel in Kannada has also launched its AI presenter Soundarya who is featured in its news shows.

In the first show, Soundarya introduced herself saying, “Hello everyone. AI is making its mark in every industry, and it has entered the TV news industry as well.

“Some of my colleagues (AI news presenters) started presenting news in some channels in North India. I am Soundarya, South India’s first robotic anchor by Power TV,” Hindustan Times Reported what he said in his first show.

Earlier, an Indian media group, india today The group launched its first AI news anchor, Sana.

Sana was described as “bright, gorgeous, ageless, tireless who speaks many languages ​​and who can always be controlled”.

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