Londoners pessimistic about finding new jobs

Office workers cross London Bridge in this undated image.  - AFP/File
Office workers cross London Bridge in this undated image. – AFP/File

The working class in London expressed despair about finding a new job within three months, having lost their current source of income. Bloomberg Reported citing poll data.

The survey conducted by Deltapoll showed people not only in London but also in other areas of England to be uneasy about finding employment, indicating pessimism about the state of the country’s economy.

Around 38% of people in London said they were “not sure” about their ability to find another job in three months, according to survey data.

The report said, “It was 11 points higher than the rest of the South, 6 points higher than the Midlands and 5 points higher than the North. Only Scots were more pessimistic.”

The sudden rise in national unemployment to 4% reflects growing concerns about the job market in London.

“London and the West Midlands have the highest levels of unemployment in England,” the report said, citing official figures from last week.

It also reflects the difference between living and working in what has long been the economic center of England, as the rising cost of living and the growing tendency to work remotely have led people to avoid commuting to city centres. given a reason.

Tony Wilson, director of the Institute for Employment Studies, observed that Londoners are more likely to be unemployed than residents of other areas of the country.

“Many people working in high paying jobs in London come from the wider South East and will probably feel they have a good chance of finding another if their current job is lost,” Wilson said.

“Londoners work in those jobs too, but they also work in the visitor economy, hospitality and retail, which tend to be more exposed when there is a wider recession,” he added. “They may feel that if they lose their current job, they will struggle to find other jobs in those industries.”

In contrast, a large number of people were optimistic about finding employment outside the UK, despite London still creating jobs.

According to Dan Harris, director of recruitment company Robert Walters, the shift towards remote working and relocating jobs to cheaper countries outside the UK could lead to an intense sense of competition among workers.

“In the tech sector, off-shoring has taken place in Poland, both because of the cost savings and the talent available there,” he said, adding that banks that have traditionally focused in London are creating a hub in Manchester. “In the current financial climate, the cost savings are going to be attractive to businesses,” he added.

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