Mexico bus crash kills 27, 12 in critical condition

25 people died in a tragic bus accident in Mexico's Oaxaca state.  Twitter
25 people died in a tragic bus accident in Mexico’s Oaxaca state. Twitter

A tragic accident occurred in the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico when a passenger bus lost control and skidded off the road into a deep gorge.

The accident happened in the mountainous region of Magdalena Peñasco, known for its remote communities and dangerous winding roads. Initial reports suggest that 27 passengers lost their lives in this disastrous incident.

“We deeply regret the accident in Magdalena Peñasco,” shared Jesús Romero, interior secretary of Oaxaca state. Expressing his condolences, Governor Salomon Jara said, “Our government personnel are already working on rescue operations and providing all possible assistance to the injured.”

Witnesses and police photos shared on social media showed the horrific aftermath, with the bus overturned and the passenger compartment crushed. The extent of the damage highlights the severity of the accident and the challenges faced by rescue workers in locating survivors.

The tragic incident is a grim reminder of the dangers posed by the region’s roads, especially those with rough terrain. Local authorities will investigate the cause of the accident to understand what caused the bus to lose control and fall into a gorge.

As affected communities mourn their losses, efforts are underway to rescue survivors and provide assistance to the injured. The priority now is to ensure the well-being of the survivors and provide support to the families who have lost their loved ones in this heart-wrenching incident.

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