Monetization: Elon Musk’s Twitter Starts Paying Users — But What’s the Problem?

This photo shows Elon Musk demonstrating with the Twitter logo shown in the background on October 4, 2022 in Washington, DC.  - AFP
This photo shows Elon Musk demonstrating with the Twitter logo shown in the background on October 4, 2022 in Washington, DC. – AFP

Tech billionaire Elon Musk’s social media giant Twitter began paying content creators from advertising revenue for the first time, as several influencers shared the new development; However, not everyone is entitled to the amount from the platform.

The influencers — Ian Miles Cheong, Benny Johnson and Ashley St. Clair — who are said to be high-profile far-right individuals shared their Twitter earnings before the microblogging site broke the monetization news.

“Wow. Elon Musk wasn’t kidding. Content monetization is real,” tweeted a user named AndWokenness, who has 1.4 million followers, showing earnings of over $10,400.

Those subscribed to Twitter Blue who have received more than 5 million tweet impressions per month in the last 3 months are entitled to earn.

Elon Musk – who is also the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla – said that in the first round, a total of $5 million would be paid, and would be cumulative through the month of February.

The program is only available in countries where Stripe, a payment platform, supports payments.

Brian Krassenstein, a writer who has nearly 750,000 followers, claimed that Twitter paid him $24,305.

SK, another creator with around 230,000 followers, is said to have earned $2,236 from Twitter; Benny Johnson, a political commentator with 1.7 million followers, said he earned $9,546.

According to Babylon Bee author Ashley St. Clair, he earned $7,153.

Who Wouldn’t Benefit From Twitter Monetization?

According to Twitter’s content monetization standards, sexual content cannot be monetized, including “pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick schemes, violence, criminal behavior, gambling or drugs and alcohol.”

Twitter claimed in a blog post that creators’ share of ad revenue would be based on replies to their posts and counting monthly impressions.

Some non-political contributors expressed dismay at the lack of transparency from the company on the program’s implementation. Washington Post Report.

“My tweets generate 100 million impressions on Twitter every year,” said Matt Navara, a social media strategist who runs a tech-focused newsletter and community. geek outPosted on Thursday.

“And I’ve been on this platform for over 15 years. It sucks that I’m not getting paid. Twitter has never directly generated any income for any of the content I put out “

The development comes at a time when Musk’s Twitter is facing heavy competition from its rival Meta-owned Threats, which saw millions of sign-ups within hours of its launch.

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