NA Speaker urges all political parties to opt for talks

Speaker of the National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf addresses an event in Islamabad on July 14, 2023.  - Online
Speaker of the National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf addresses an event in Islamabad on July 14, 2023. – Online
  • The NA speaker suggested moving forward for progress.
  • “Inter-political party dialogue must be opened,” he insists.
  • Ashraf criticized those who repeatedly raise old issues.

ISLAMABAD: Lamenting the lack of progress in Pakistan due to past reprisals, National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf has urged all political parties to opt for dialogue for the betterment of the country. news informed of.

The speaker’s comments came during an interview with a television channel on Sunday in which he was also questioned about the 2017 Faizabad strike and whether “all the players and facts” should be disclosed.

Responding to the question, the NA Speaker said, “I want to say that we have to see the consequences of whatever is happening. Even after 75 to 76 years, we have not been able to stand on our feet. That’s why we are.” To think about whether we are stuck in the past or whether this is something we should move toward,” he said.

Ashraf said that there is not much distance between the present and the future and suggested moving forward.

“I still think, and I have said this many times before […] consult and seat everyone [and] Open a dialog. Inter-political party dialogue should be opened,” he stressed.

Asked whether the demand to hold former military officers accountable was justified, Ashraf said, “Okay, then keep whining about it. You won’t be able to move even an inch. This practice is not right where Every two inches or three years you open an issue of the past. Nations that have progressed are people with vision.”

NA Speaker criticized for repeatedly raising past issues but remained silent when it happened. “This is a sign of cowardice. A living nation protests against wrongdoing when it happens,” he said.

He lamented that issues in Pakistan are raised after five years and people who had said something different earlier will change their statements.

“All this is confusing the country and we are spreading hatred,” he said. There must now be an inter-party dialogue and a new social contract must be drawn up, into which all stakeholders must have input,” he reiterated.

The NA speaker said any issue with the Army should be resolved by raising it with the institution privately behind closed doors rather than in public or on social media. He said that this only benefited the enemies of the country.

Ashraf was also asked about the performance of President Dr. Arif Alvi, to which he replied that this post is the highest constitutional post of Pakistan.

“What were the compulsions that led to the perception that he (Alvi) represents PTI more than the presidency? So this is not a positive thing and they should avoid it.”

On the announcement of the election date, Ashraf said that it would have been best if the political parties dealt with the matter themselves instead of involving the Supreme Court. However, he said he would have to accept the court’s decision on the matter as the top court is the highest constitutional body in the country with regard to legal interpretation and decisions.

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