Pakistan on ‘alert’ after India releases water into Ravi river

A crow flies over the Ravi river as the water level rises following an unexpected release of water by India last year.  — online/file
A crow flies over the Ravi river as the water level rises following an unexpected release of water by India last year. — online/file
  • Around 65,000 cusecs of water is expected within the next 20-24 hours.
  • NDMA has warned of low level flood in Jassar area of ​​Punjab.
  • Flood relief camps were set up on the banks of the Ravi river.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Sunday issued a fresh warning about the possibility of “low flood” in the Ravi river after India released about 185,000 cusecs of water from the Ujh barrage.

Quoting the Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters (PCIW), the NDMA said: “Considering past records it is expected to reach about 65,000 cusecs.” [the] Next 20-24 hours.”

This, the NDMA said, could lead to less flooding in the floodplains of the Jassar region of Punjab.

The Disaster Management Authority on its official Twitter handle wrote, “According to PCIW, India has released around 185,000 cusecs of water from Ujh barrage (Ravi river).

“As per the last record, last year also India released 173,000 cusecs of water and about a third of the water released i.e. 60,000 cusecs reached Jassar, reducing the flood level (gauge point on Ravi river).”

It further warned: “Therefore as per PCIW, it is expected to reach around 65,000 cusecs within next 20-24 hours considering past records.

“Potential Impact: According to the flood limit of the Ravi River at Jassar, less flooding is expected in the floodplains.”

However, the authority said that as per the guidelines of the NDMA, the local administration is vigilantly monitoring the situation till July 20.

It advised the public to stay informed and follow the guidelines of the concerned administration.

relief camps set up

Meanwhile, the local administration and relief agencies have made arrangements to deal with any untoward situation.

According to reports, the water level in the Ravi river has risen while a flood alert has been issued in Hafizabad and Narowal and relief camps have been set up at various places along rivers and canals.

In addition, heavy rains are expected in Lahore, Sialkot and Narowal, along with a risk of flash floods in the Sutlej River and associated tributaries including Bhimber, Deeg, Palkho and Basantar.

Flood threat in Chenab

Gujarat Deputy Commissioner Safdar Hussain said two relief camps have been set up near Kot Gulam due to the possibility of flood in Chenab river.

He has said that the area from Kot Gulam to Kot Nikka has been affected by the flood, the administrative officials have gone to the spot and assessed the damage.

Further, the Gujarat DG said that head Marala on the Chenab river recorded 139,492 cusecs of water upstream and 118,692 cusecs downstream.

Hussain said that water flow is normal at all places, Gujarat has recorded 10 mm of rain during the last 24 hours.

He further said that the water flow is being monitored regularly and all departments are active to deal with the emergency.

Sutlej water level ‘normal’

The Irrigation Department has said that the water condition in Sutlej river is normal.

It states that the inflow of water at Islam Headworks is 3319 cusecs while the outflow is 2335 cusecs.

The district administration says that residents of low-lying areas are being warned about possible floods.

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