Pakistan to ‘deport registered refugees’ after deporting illegal immigrants

Balochistan's acting Information Minister Jan Achakzai addressing a press conference in Karachi on November 9, 2023, in a still taken from a video.  - youtube
Balochistan’s acting Information Minister Jan Achakzai addressing a press conference in Karachi on November 9, 2023, in a still taken from a video. – youtube
  • Achakzai warned the Afghan government against making harsh statements.
  • He says, “It is true that Afghan soil is being used against us.”
  • “We expect Afghanistan to do the same, deport illegal Pakistanis”.

Balochistan’s acting Information Minister Jan Achakzai on Thursday said the crackdown on illegal foreigners in Pakistan is continuing, with the government planning to deport registered migrants as well after deporting undocumented residents.

“So far 80,000 immigrants from Balochistan have left Pakistan. [we] Will also send back registered refugees,” Achakzai said while addressing a press conference in Karachi.

The minister said that foreigners living in Pakistan should have authentic documents.

He said that thousands of foreigners have received fake identity cards.

Achakzai warned the government in Afghanistan against making harsh statements, saying, “We have not taken responsibility for the illegal residents. The crackdown on illegal immigrants will continue.” “Pakistan knows how to crush all types of terrorism.”

The minister said that Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan have deteriorated recently, but he also said that the deterioration in relations happened when the nation was picking up dead bodies.

Referring to an intelligence-based operation in Sambaja area of ​​Zhob district of Balochistan on October 31, in which six terrorists were killed, he said they were all Afghans.

Citing caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakkar, Achakzai said figures over the past two years – ever since the interim Taliban government took over Afghanistan – showed a 500% increase in suicide bombings in Pakistan and in terrorist attacks across the country. An increase of 60% has been suggested. Events.

He described the illegal US arms trade in Afghanistan’s black market as a “threat to national security”, adding that the same illegal weapons were also used in the attack on the PAF base in Mianwali.

He said that a handful of terrorists based in Afghan sanctuaries are using American weapons against our people.

In a strong attack on the Afghan government, Achakzai said that all sanctuaries and terrorist training centers are operating right under the nose of the Afghan authorities.

He said, “When you talk at the rhetorical level that our soil is not being used. It is true that Afghan soil is being used against us.”

The minister said that Pakistan has been hosting Afghans for the last 40 years but now it is expelling them today, so no one should have any problem with this.

“We hope Afghanistan will do the same and deport Pakistanis living there illegally,” he said.

He said the country has to assert its sovereign right, which is ensuring that any migrant living in Pakistan is documented.

“And if we want to send someone back, we don’t have to get their consent [country’s] Foreign Office to do so. This is our sovereign decision that Pakistan has taken as a nation.”

Responding to a question, Achakzai said that the Afghan government does not even have any Plan B for this issue, so it is their problem how they deal with the deportations.

The minister further said that 800 people are migrating every second day. He said that about one thousand migrants from Balochistan have been detained and sent back.

After this, Achakzai praised the Sindh government for supporting the Balochistan government in the action.

He further said that the provincial government is deporting 10,000 undocumented Afghans through the Chaman border on a daily basis.

He also told the media that 100,000 fake identity cards have been blocked from two areas of Balochistan. He said the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is working swiftly to block such cards.

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