PM Kakkar removed SAPM Tahir Javed just days after his appointment.

Texas-based Pakistani-American businessman Muhammad Tahir Javed.  -reporter
Texas-based Pakistani-American businessman Muhammad Tahir Javed. -reporter

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakkar has removed Texas-based Pakistani-American businessman Muhammad Tahir Javed from the post of Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM).

According to the notification issued by the PM’s office, the appointment notification of SAPM has been withdrawn.

According to sources, the notification appointing Javed as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Investments was issued on October 6, but the decision to remove him was taken after lobbying by a group of American-Pakists.

After the approval of the Prime Minister, the Establishment Division has withdrawn the notification of appointment of Javed as Special Assistant.

Soon after his appointment, it was reported that the Pakistani-American businessman was given the same facilities and privileges as a minister of state, despite the fact that he had donated money to Imran Khan and PTI in the United States and campaigned for them. Was. Was the Prime Minister.

On his social media profiles, Javed describes himself as a Pakistani-American entrepreneur, investor, business magnate and philanthropist.

Javed had campaigned for Imran and PTI when the party was in power, but in recent months he has become a harsh critic of Imran, calling him a failure as a prime minister whose only claim to fame was as a cricketer. He has celebrity status.

He recently said in an interview that he tried his best for Imran and campaigned for him, especially during Imran’s visit to the USA in November 2019 but it turned out that Imran was not trustworthy.

He has said that Imran’s visit to America was useless as it did not bring any success or benefit to Pakistan because Imran had neither any strength, no plan nor any vision.

But when Imran was in power, Javed publicly praised Imran for his “successful” US visit and highlighting important issues. In November 2019, Imran specifically paid tribute to Javed for his services, saying, “Tahir Javed has played a key role in establishing the Pakistan Congress Foundation, which has played a key role in the revival and activation of the Congressional Pakistan Caucus in the 116th Congress.” Have played”.

Javed has claimed that he had personally arranged for Imran’s meetings with more than 63 US senators during his visit.

PTI said Javed managed only three senators while the rest were brought in through the efforts of the embassy and the then government.

57 year old Javed moved to America from Toba Tek Singh of Pakistan with just 500 dollars and became a successful businessman. According to his interviews, after moving to the US Javed initially worked in senatorial duties and as a repairman, among other jobs.

According to Texas court records, Javed was sentenced to five years of deferred probation beginning in January 1992 for a felony theft conviction dating back to September 1990.

He was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment but served only half the term. Authorities in Texas charged him with theft, and the minimum sentence for a felony starts at one year.

After serving his sentence for theft in 1994, Javed focused on business and with the help of his brother, he went ahead and established several companies.

In 2018, Javed ran in the US primary elections to represent Texas District 29 in Congress. His campaign manifesto states that he “understands the problems facing the district and the country and has the experience and willingness to get the job done”.

He sought to replace Democrat Gene Green, who had served as Texas District 29 representative since the district was created in 1993. He lost the election to the experienced Democrat candidate.

Texas Jefferson County District Criminal Court data lists Javed’s felony theft as the reason: 56447; Crime date: September 25, 1990, Beaumont TX; Filing date: November 5, 1990; Description of the crime, theft by receiving; Probation Amount: 5; More Details: P/G Judge; and adjourned in full: 28 March 1994.”

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