President Alvi says he will administer oath to Nawaz if elected PM for the fourth time

President says judiciary, administration and political leaders agree on holding elections on time

President Arif Alvi.  - pid/file
President Arif Alvi. – pid/file
  • Alvi says, “If the public elects someone then it must be done.”
  • The presidential election is scheduled to be held on February 8.
  • Alvi praised the Supreme Court for taking “practical steps” on the election date.

President Dr Arif Alvi has said that he will administer the oath to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supreme leader Nawaz Sharif if he becomes the country’s Prime Minister for the fourth time after the February 8 elections.

in an interview with voice of america (VOA) UrduThe Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-backed President said administering the oath is part of the responsibility of his office and he will fulfill it.

He further said, “If the public elects someone then it must be done.”

The President’s comments came in response to a question on whether he would administer the oath of office to the PML-N supremo.

When Dr. Alvi was asked during the interview whether he was confident that the general elections would be held on the scheduled date next year, he said that he was positive.

He confirmed, “The judiciary, administration and political leaders have agreed to hold elections on time. There is no doubt, elections will be held on February 8.”

When asked about the possibility of uncertainty over the elections, he told the American broadcaster that there was no mistake regarding the election date.

After highlighting how its role has been positive in ensuring timely elections in the country, he said, “I commend the Supreme Court for fixing the election date in a pragmatic and unanimous manner.”

Government assured to provide equal opportunities

Commenting on the idea of ​​level playing field, the President said it is the responsibility of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the government to provide it.

,[I] Attracted the attention of the government by writing a letter to address the concerns of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The government has assured to provide equal opportunities.” He said that he has entrusted the responsibility of doing so to the government.

Dr Alvi stressed that he is the spokesperson of every Pakistani and not of any party. Dr Alvi said the Constitution does not allow the President to take practical steps to ensure transparent elections. But he said that as the head of the state it is his duty to keep motivating the executive to do its work in a transparent manner.

He said, “The President has no executive powers, but the points raised by him matter a lot. Constitutionally it is a symbolic position.”

Dr. Alvi reiterated that problems can be solved if politicians, administration and establishments work together.

The President said he was honored to be the fourth President to complete his term.

Dr. Alvi says that the court will decide on Imran’s participation in the elections.

Dr Alvi was asked whether he doubted that PTI chief Imran Khan would contest the elections.

“I wouldn’t speculate on that, it’s up to the courts,” the president said.

He was asked why his efforts to connect Khan with the military establishment had gone in vain. “There were many reasons why reconciliation could not take place between the Army and the PTI Chairman.”

Asked whether he felt a particular party was favored before selection in Pakistan, the President said, “I don’t want to make myself controversial by debating on such matters.”

He said he would not comment further to avoid making the president’s position controversial.

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