Programs launched for Pakistanis to access education, training in US

Masood Khan, Pakistan's ambassador to the United States.  - Radio Pakistan
Masood Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States. – Radio Pakistan

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan on Sunday hailed the launch of two programs to help students and professionals get quality education and professional training in the United States.

Landmark programs – the Tahira Khatoon Educational Program and the Negi Loan Program for Physicians – have been launched under the US SHAPE initiative, which aims to advance social justice, healthcare access, advocacy, poverty alleviation and education, as the acronym stands for It shows.

Terming Pakistani American physicians as “bridge builders” between Pakistan and the US, Khan credited the initiative as providing better educational opportunities to Pakistani students and strengthening educational ties and exchanges between the two countries.

“The US State Department remains a steadfast partner in our efforts to strengthen Pak-US educational ties and connect our students to American educational institutions,” the ambassador said.

Emphasizing the need to increase the number of Pakistani students in the US, he also called for setting a short-term goal of doubling this figure to 16,000 in various fields.

Khan underlined the need to create more opportunities, especially for Pakistani engineers, IT professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the strength of American institutions in their respective disciplines.

‘17% increase in number of Pakistani students studying in US this year’

Rao Kamran, President, US SHAPE, explained the history and success of the Negi loan program. Launched in 2015 under the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA), this interest-free loan program has been a lifeline for underprivileged physicians seeking to achieve their USMLE dreams.

Over 30 physicians have successfully completed residency and fellowship training, and have repaid every cent of their loan during the first year of training.

The Negi Loan Program has received significant financial contributions, including a $100,000 donation from Dr. Nafees Negi and a $50,000 donation from Dr. Rao Kamran Ali.

Nate Lin, representing the State Department, acknowledged the importance of educational exchanges and highlighted a 17% increase in Pakistani students studying in the US over the past year, pushing Pakistan to 18th place on the global list. He welcomed the US SHAPE initiative and promised to facilitate the student visa process.

It was reported that US Shape has expanded its portfolio to include the support of engineers and IT specialists.

Envoy Masood Khan appreciated the comprehensive vision encapsulated in the acronym SHAPE and paid tribute to Syed Javed Anwar for his business acumen and philanthropic activities. He assured the Pakistani community of continued support from the Embassy and Consulates.

Syed Javed Anwar shares his personal journey while emphasizing on the transformative power of support and opportunity. Reflecting on his journey from Pakistan to America, he inspired attendees with his message of shared blessings and generosity. His mantra, “If you’re blessed, let’s share it,” served as a rallying cry to pave the way for future generations.

The envoy congratulated the entire team of US SHAPE for their efforts in turning the vision into a reality.

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