PTI develops strategy against targeting of Imran Khan by non-political state actors

The former ruling party has warned that there could be a strong reaction among the people against PTI due to the “paranoia of the state”.

In this undated photo, PTI Chairman Imran Khan is addressing a public meeting.  - AFP/File
In this undated photo, PTI Chairman Imran Khan is addressing a public meeting. – AFP/File
  • PTI says that people are angry with the court proceedings against Khan.
  • PTI says the plan to crush the will of the people will fail.
  • The party stressed that it would not tolerate any delay in the elections.

ISLAMABAD: The core committee of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has developed a comprehensive strategy against the targeting of its Chairman Imran Khan by alleged undemocratic, unconstitutional and apolitical state actors. news on Tuesday.

According to the publication, when PTI’s top decision-making body met, it reviewed the court proceedings against Khan, which it believes has led to frustration and anger among the people and the popularity of its chairman. Has been damaged.

The committee also vowed to strongly counter “reprehensible efforts” to expedite trials to punish the ousted prime minister – who was removed through a no-confidence motion in April last year – and deny him justice. Judgments reserved for were piled up.

The party also condemned the recovery of PTI’s former central additional general secretary Ali Nawaz Awan from the drawing room of the “King’s Party” after his enforced disappearance for more than two weeks.

Recently, Jahangir Tareen’s newly formed Istehkaam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) announced that Awan had joined his party ahead of the February 8 elections.

“State functionaries, who are running a vicious cycle of kidnappings for statements and violating the sanctity of politics and democracy, are pushing Pakistan towards degradation,” the PTI Core Committee said.

The organization claimed that the “state’s madness” against PTI – “the country’s most popular political party” – is provoking people to react strongly by insulting fundamental rights and the right to representation.

“The nefarious designs of suppressing the will of the people and populating the corridors of power with ‘ponies’ reared in the stables of the state will fail just as they have failed for the last 18 months,” the core committee said.

The meeting also reviewed the alleged systematic efforts to delay the general elections and said, “We are well aware of the objectives of the deliberate campaign being carried out by various quarters to postpone the elections.”

The PTI has vowed that it will not tolerate any delay in the free, fair and transparent conduct of the elections, as the Supreme Court declared February 8, 2024 as “set in stone” regarding the conduct of the elections. Has done, he should pay attention to it. Suspend secret and public efforts.

The apex court must take note of the ongoing series of pre-poll rigging and ensure that the elections are held on February 8 as per the norms laid down in the Constitution, and strongly condemned the denial of permission to various activists. The officials will meet Khan despite the court’s permission.

It approved initiation of contempt of court proceedings against jail officials and welcomed new members into the core committee with the formal approval of President Imran Khan.

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