PUBG love story: Pakistani mother enters India to meet boyfriend, reaches Noida jail

The picture shows the PUBG duo Seema Ghulam Haider and Sachin Meena.  - BBC/File
The picture shows the PUBG duo Seema Ghulam Haider and Sachin Meena. – BBC/File

Online game PUBG hit the headlines once again after a female gamer from Pakistan and an Indian boy fell in love while playing and vowed to unite in India – a high-risk adventure that ultimately led to a tragic end. Made

Seema Ghulam Haider, 27, recently came to India illegally to live with Sachin Meena, 22, after they met a few years ago through a virtual gaming platform.

According to police, she and her four young children entered India illegally in May and spent more than a month with Tendulkar in the city of Greater Noida in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

The couple has been remanded in custody by a court for 14 days from Tuesday. The children are with their mother.

Journalists have heard from the couple that they intend to marry and live together, while authorities claim they are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident.

Seema married Ghulam Haider, a resident of Sindh, Pakistan, in 2014. He moved to Saudi Arabia after five years in 2019 for employment. Meanwhile, Seema started playing PUBG to pass the time.

“I used to play PUBG for two to three hours a day and it was while playing the game that I got to know Sachin,” she told the BBC. The two exchanged phone numbers and started talking regularly.

After being in love for three years, Seema moved to India to marry Sachin Meena, accusing her previous husband of abuse. Ghulam Haider denied the allegations, claiming that Seema had sold her Pakistani home and eloped with her children.

According to the police, Seema and Sachin met in Nepal in March and then returned to their country. Seema returned to Nepal with her four children in May, selling her husband’s house to pay for the trip.

Meanwhile, Sachin, the owner of the grocery store, rents a room for Seema and her children.

His landlord, Girish Kumar, told the BBC that he never suspected anything illegal as Sachin had provided necessary government documents while renting the house and his parents had also come to visit the couple.

According to the Times of India newspaper, last week, the couple reportedly went to a local lawyer for advice regarding Ms. Haider’s residency in India, but the lawyer apparently tipped the authorities about them.

While they were living in Rabupura, a lawyer found Seema and her children carrying Pakistani passports while trying to get married in India and informed the police.

Sachin’s father was arrested for hosting him without a visa. They seek assistance from the Indian government for the marriage, while Haider’s husband demands her return to Pakistan as his wife was “seduced” by PUBG.

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