Report reveals prevalence of drug supply in Karachi’s schools, restaurants

Symbolic image of crystal meth.  - Georgetown Law
Symbolic image of crystal meth. – Georgetown Law
  • The confidential report highlights the pervasiveness of the supply of drugs.
  • Sindh IG ordered strict measures to be taken to curb the spread.
  • Memon issues letter against suppliers of spurious and banned drugs.

KARACHI: A confidential report received by Sindh Inspector General of Police Ghulam Nabi Memon has revealed the widespread supply of drugs to schools and restaurants in the port city.

The report highlighted that artificial drugs and medicines are being distributed among adolescent boys, girls and students.

In response, Memon has ordered strict measures against the menace posed by easily available drugs and directed Special Branch Sindh to immediately monitor these schools and restaurants.

He said that in addition to the special branch, the IG should identify the suppliers of spurious drugs and medicines. Memon has directed the Zonal DIG and Special Branch to establish a coordination mechanism to eliminate such elements.

IG Sindh has also issued a formal letter in this regard, ordering strict action against the suppliers of spurious and banned drugs.

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