Sindh bans pillion riding on Muharram 9, 10

In this undated photo, two men travel on a motorcycle in Karachi.  - ppi/file
In this undated photo, two men travel on a motorcycle in Karachi. – ppi/file

KARACHI: In view of Muharram, the Sindh government has taken several steps under section 144 of CrPC to ensure that Muharram activities continue unhindered.

The Sindh Home Department said in a notification that on Muharram 9 and 10, a ban on pillion riding would be imposed.

However, women, children below 12 years of age, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, journalists, law enforcers and essential services personnel are exempted from the ban.

The holy month marking the beginning of the new Islamic year 1445 Hijri began today (July 20), and Yom-e-Ashura will be celebrated on July 29 (Saturday).

The Sindh Home Department said it has banned carrying of all types of arms/ammunition by people except for uniformed personnel, police, rangers and LEA.

The “misuse” of loudspeakers has been banned, while people have been warned against putting up objectionable and provocative posters, banners, distributing pamphlets and chalking on the wall.

The Home Department has also banned cable transmission and running of VCRs in hotels and public places. No person should be on the roofs of buildings, houses etc. when a condolence procession is passing through that area.

New condolence processions, rallies, Majlis and Jalsa have also been banned without prior permission. Also, not more than five people can gather except for participating in Muharram processions, majlis and taziyas.

The federal government has also approved deployment of armed forces across the country to ensure security during the holy month of Muharram.

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