Spying for Israel: New Delhi shocked as Qatar sentences 8 former Indian Navy officers to death

Qatar claims officials passed classified information about the submarine program to Israel.—X/File
Qatar claims officials passed classified information about the submarine program to Israel.—X/File
  • The convicted Indians worked for a company providing training to the Qatari armed forces.
  • The Indian government has vowed to challenge the “shocking” death sentences in court.
  • Spies may have secretly leaked information about the Italian midget sub.

A court in Qatar has sentenced to death eight former Indian Navy officers, who were working for a Qatari company, for selling military secrets to Israel – sending New Delhi on a diplomatic roller-coaster ride as it Vowed to challenge the decision.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs, while considering the verdict as “shocking”, acknowledged the confidential nature of the proceedings and expressed its intention to contest the case.

These individuals, including officers who had previously commanded important Indian warships, were employed by Dahra Global Technologies and Consultancy Services, a private company providing training and related services to the Qatari armed forces.

Sources suggest that some were involved in a project involving Italian technology-based midget submarines with secret features.

The accused have been detained since August 2022, and New Delhi is attempting to secure their release by granting them diplomatic access.

The trial took place in March, which recently resulted in a death sentence.

In response to the sentences, New Delhi said: “We have preliminary information that the Court of First Instance of Qatar has today delivered its verdict in the case involving 8 Indian employees of Al Dahra Company.”

He said he was deeply shocked by the death penalty verdict and was waiting for a detailed verdict. “We are in touch with the family members and the legal team and we are exploring all legal options,” he said.

“We are very critical of this case and have followed it closely. We will continue to provide all consular and legal assistance. We will also raise the decision with Qatari authorities.”

Due to the confidential nature of the proceedings in this case, it would not be appropriate to make any further comments at this time.”

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