Symbol of the seas: The world’s largest cruise ship has been called a ‘monster’

symbol of the sea.  - Royal Caribbean International
symbol of the sea. – Royal Caribbean International

Critics have called the world’s largest cruise ship a “monstrosity” because they claim it has the same buzz as the Titanic on its maiden voyage. Icon of the Seas, under Royal Caribbean International, will set sail on her maiden voyage in January next year. new york post informed of.

The publication reported that the ship is five times larger than the Titanic, with an internal volume of 250,800 gigatons (Gt) compared to its 46,328 GT.

The company believes that it will take traveling at sea to the next level.

“We’re envisioning this as the ultimate family vacation, and when you step back and look at all the energy and time that went into building this ship, it’s amazing,” Michael Bayley, president and chief executive of Royal Caribbean International, said in a statement. are amazing.” ,

The ship will feature seven pools, nine whirlpools, the largest water park at sea — it’s been named the “Category 6” after its record-breaking six slides.

The cheapest ticket for seven nights travel from Miami to the Western Caribbean in September 2024 costs $1,851, while the most expensive ticket costs $10,864.

The ship can accommodate approximately 5,610 passengers and 2,350 crew members on 19 floors, which is the height of a New York City building.

The ship completed the first set of trials on June 22, according to a company statement.

“During her first set of sea trials, Icon of the Seas traveled hundreds of miles during which the main engine, rudder, brake system, steering, noise and vibration levels were all tested,” the statement said. “Despite the delay in their departure due to wind conditions, everything was done on time as stated in the schedule.”

Online critics have pointed out that being bigger does not mean a ship is better.

“As hell visions go, this is pretty hellish,” one person tweeted in response to a photo of the new cruise ship, while another said, “I’m sorry but this is a nightmare.”

Another wrote, “Whenever I see a picture of the Icon of the Seas cruise ship I am filled with intense dread.”

“For a second I was saying ‘No, the sea sign isn’t real, it can’t hurt you because every 10 months some weird giant cruise ship beaching scheme goes viral.’ But I looked it up and it turns out they actually made it,” tweeted another person.

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