‘They should all be killed’, American professor expresses hatred towards Palestinians

As Israel continues to kill hundreds of people every day in airstrikes on Gaza, a video of John Strauss, an American professor of economics at the University of Southern California, expressing hatred towards war-torn Palestinians went viral on social media on Thursday. Went viral on media.

The number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli offensive has risen to more than 11,000, with thousands more injured, as the war on the besieged Gaza strip continues to kill more than a month.

“Every one of them must be killed, and I hope they are all killed,” Strauss was caught on camera saying, apparently in response to a question about the situation in Gaza or at the university. As a comment on pro-Palestine students.

Palestinian writer and poet Mohammed al-Kurd also shared the video on his Instagram Stories.

“I received this video from USC students. The level of anti-Palestine racism on American campuses is disgusting. @uscedu should be ashamed,” he wrote.

This video microblogging site

“@USC Does this professor represent the values ​​of your institution? Has he been reprimanded in any way? Your students and all Americans who stand against hate demand answers,” Stop Zionist Hate wrote.

With hundreds of Palestinians dying every day and no respite in Israeli atrocities in Gaza, Muslim and Arab leaders are fighting to end Tel Aviv’s war on Palestine.

Currently, Saudi Arabia is hosting an extraordinary joint Islamic-Arab summit in Riyadh with the participation of leaders of Arab and Muslim countries to discuss the war in Gaza.

At the summit, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called for an immediate end to military operations and the release of the hostages.

He said he held Israel responsible for “crimes committed against the Palestinian people” while calling for an end to the siege of the Gaza Strip.

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