This Pakistani family of 9 people has a unique world record

Family photo of Amir Ali Mangi and Khudeja.  - Guinness World Records

Sharing the same surname is not a new thing when we talk about a family, but this family from Pakistan has much more in common than just the surname.

It’s naturally exciting for anyone to meet their birthday twin, and it’s not uncommon to have a family member with the same birth date.

However, if several members of the same family have the same date of birth, it would be quite a celebration.

So it is for this family of nine in Larkana, who were born on the same date of the same month.

This unique family consisting of Amir Ali Mangi (father), Khudeja (mother) and their seven children Sindhu, Sasui and Sapna (twin girls), Amir, Ambar and Ammar and Ahmar (twin brothers) were recognized by Guinness World Records. This is the special thing about him.

All of them were born on 1 August, setting a world record for the most number of family members born in a single day.

The date is extra special for Ameer and Khudeja as it is also their wedding anniversary as they were married on her birthday in 1991, just a year before their eldest daughter was born.

The couple saw it as a “gift from God” when their children were conceived and born naturally on the same date.

“It was all natural, from Allah,” says Amir, and he did not intentionally plan for his children to be born on the same day.

And that’s not all that’s unique about this family, as its members hold two other records.

Mangi’s seven children also hold the record for the highest number of siblings born in a single day.

According to Guinness World Records, the title was previously held by five children of the Cummins family from USA who were born on February 20 between 1952 and 1966.

Until discovered by Guinness, this was the only verified instance of a family having five children on the same birthday.

Meanwhile, Sassui and Sapna, and Ammar and Ahmar, being the two sets of twins with the most twin siblings born on the same day, making it the most twin siblings born on the same day- equals the sisters’ record.

Sasui said, “Earlier we used to celebrate our birthday in a simple way, but now we celebrate it much more and with much joy.”

However, the birthday cake is definitely one instead of nine different cakes.

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