TikToker Harim Shah says he is looking for Shehzad Akbar in London

London: TikTok star Harim Shah has said that she has come to London to seek answers from Shehzad Akbar, the former accountability chief of the Imran Khan government, that she tried to ruin his life by asking the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) to arrest him. Why did you try in money laundering case.

Shah said she was looking for Akbar in London and would like to question him over his alleged abuse of power when he was one of the most powerful men in Pakistan in the Khan government.

The TikToker was referring to the January 2022 scam when her video went viral from London in which she was seen flaunting thousands of pounds in cash and claimed that she had taken the money out of Pakistan without any problems. Akbar then announced that he had ordered the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to open a money-laundering case against him and the FIA ​​had also written to the UK NCA against Shah.

Shah said, “It is karma that Shahzad Akbar has fled from Pakistan and is now hiding in London.” I have information that he has property in London and is hiding here to avoid corruption cases in Pakistan. Is.’ Prince Akbar wanted to deport me from London. They wrote to the UK authorities to arrest me for getting me into trouble. He did everything to ruin my life but look what happened to him.”

Shah said Akbar was arrogant while serving in the Imran Khan-led government and ruined many lives.

“I have known Mian Salim Raza for a long time. He is a decent and good person. Shahzad Akbar wanted him to be a witness against Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz in Judge Arshad Malik’s video scandal and when he failed he created fake cases against Mian Salim Raza and put him in the list of most wanted terrorists. I know the family of Mian Salim Raza who was arrested and put in jail, his life and business was completely destroyed by Shahzad Akbar. He is still living in London because of the fake cases made against him by Shahzad Akbar.”

The TikTok star further added that he has no problem in getting a new British visit visa. “I have done nothing wrong and the UK government knows that.”

When the scam came to light in early January 2022, a local leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came out in defense of Shah, saying that TikToker issued bundles of cash in UK pounds in his social media videos. Were, they were theirs and were there. There was no money laundering of any kind.

When there was an uproar in the Pakistani media, Shah clarified that the video was made only for entertainment.

The London-exile was one of the key characters in Judge Arshad Malik’s video scam along with Mian Salim Raza, Nasir Butt, Mian Nasir Janjua and others. He came under direct attack from the FIA ​​under direct orders from former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his then accountability chief Akbar and suffered for years for his role in the scam. He is now planning to return to Pakistan.

Harim Shah said that she would be in London for a month for summer vacations.

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