too much money? Asian man arrested for flaunting assets, disrespecting Emiratis

An Asian-origin man was recently detained by the UAE’s Federal Prosecution for dealing with rumors and cyber crimes after a video of him went viral on social media in which he was seen at a luxury hotel in the UAE. A huge pile of money was showing in the car showroom.

The man has been accused of “abusing the Internet” by posting the video, which UAE authorities claim will incite public opinion and harm the public interest.

In addition, the Asian expatriate was also accused of publishing content contrary to the country’s “approved media standards” and insulting Emirati society.

The move came after the UAE Attorney General’s Office examined a video of the defendant.

In the said video, a man dressed in Emirati attire and a face mask walks into a luxury car showroom and starts showing off his money.

Two people are carrying a huge amount behind him.

The man demands to be shown expensive cars and throws bundles of cash to employees as tips.

Throughout the video, the man arrogantly displays no value for money and presents Emirati citizens as such.

During the investigation, the Public Prosecution video-called the owner of the car showroom.

In addition, the Public Prosecution has urged social media users in the country to exercise caution with regard to the content they upload, adding that they should take into account legal and ethical regulations.

The prosecution advised the citizens to refrain from posting material which is moral and harmful to the society.

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