UK arms delivery service to Ukraine not ‘Amazon’: Defense Secretary

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.  - AFP/File
UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. – AFP/File

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Wednesday that Britain is not an Amazon delivery service of weapons to Ukraine, suggesting that Kiev may express more “gratitude” to its allies in the face of Russia’s invasion.

Speaking to British media on the sidelines of a NATO summit in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, the Defense Secretary said: “A little word of caution, whether we like it or not, people want to see gratitude.”

“Sometimes you are persuading countries to give up their reserves. And yes, war is a great war and yes, we see it as you fighting not only for yourselves but for our freedom. Are.

“But sometimes you have to persuade lawmakers on the Hill in America,” Wallace said, referring to the US Congress.

“You have to convince skeptical politicians in other countries that it’s worthwhile, it’s worthwhile and they’re getting something for it.” AFP The news has been given quoting him.

Wallace also recalled that after receiving a list of arms requests from Ukraine last year, he told officials in Kiev “I’m not Amazon”.

When asked about Wallace’s comments, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky “has expressed his gratitude for what we have done on a number of occasions”.

“At least the incredibly poignant address he gave to parliament earlier this year and he has done that again with me, as he has done countless times when I have met him,” Sunak told reporters in Vilnius. “

“So I know that he and his men are incredibly grateful for the support they’ve shown us, the welcome extended to the many Ukrainian families, and the leadership they’ve shown during this struggle,” Sunak said.

On Wednesday, on the second day of a NATO summit, leaders of the G7 nations pledged “permanent” military support to Ukraine to help it defeat the invading Russian forces.

Zelensky welcomed the security guarantees, but did not hide the fact that he would prefer if NATO agreed on a clear timetable for Ukraine’s inclusion in the alliance.

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