UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace reveals plans to resign

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.  AFP/File
UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. AFP/File

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has announced that he will stand down as an MP in the next election.

Wallace, who has been a prominent figure in supporting Ukraine against Russia, revealed his decision in an interview Sunday Times Published on Saturday.

Wallace, who served as Britain’s Defense Secretary for four years, played a key role in leading Britain’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He was considered a possible successor to Jens Stoltenberg as NATO Secretary General, but failed to garner the necessary support from the United States. As a result, Stoltenberg extended his term as head of the coalition.

In the interview, Wallace reaffirmed his intention not to seek re-election as a Member of Parliament, saying “I will not be standing next time.” He further clarified that he would resign as the Defense Secretary before the next cabinet reshuffle, which is expected before September. Wallace also dismissed the possibility of a by-election by resigning early, emphasizing his commitment to serving his full term.

Expressing his concern about possible conflicts, Wallace highlighted the danger of military confrontation with Russia, saying, “If Putin loses in Ukraine, he will be deeply wounded … for the next three or four years.” I have the ability to do that.” lash out.”

Citing concerns over rising global instability and the potential for future conflicts, he also expressed fears about the global security situation, suggesting that by the end of the decade the world would become more vulnerable and vulnerable, possibly leading to cold or hot conflicts. Could

Wallace’s decision to step down as an MP comes in the context of an upcoming general election in the UK due within 18 months. The move is not based on fear of losing his party, but because of an impending boundary change that would eliminate his current parliamentary constituency. Despite being the longest-serving Conservative Defense Secretary since Winston Churchill, Wallace never actively sought the position of party leader.

As Britain faces an uncertain future, Ben Wallace’s departure raises questions about the country’s defense strategy and its ability to meet global challenges in the years ahead. With his strong support among grassroots conservatives, Wallace’s decision will undoubtedly affect the political landscape and government dynamics.

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