WATCH: Corrupt Israeli TikToker mocks mothers of children killed in Gaza

Israeli makeup artist mocks Gazan mothers for “pretending to murder babies” in TikTok video.

After first mocking besieged Palestinians for lack of access to food, clean water or electricity, Israelis are now mocking Palestinian mothers, implying that they are pretending to have their children murdered at the hands of Israeli forces.

Eve Cohen’s TikTok video, an Israeli SFX makeup artist, has taken over social media, in which she tries to explain that Palestinian mothers are not actually losing their children due to the Israel-Gaza war.

In her video, Cohen, dressed as a Palestinian mother, uses ketchup and baby powder as cheap SFX makeup for fake blood and debris to cover her face.

At one point, she pretends to be a martyred Palestinian by applying ketchup on her forehead.

In another shot, she is seen acting as an injured Palestinian mother holding an imaginary child with a fruit on its head. Cohen dubs the video with the director ordering, “Cut!” There is applause in the background after which she throws the fruit and smiles.

His video received a lot of backlash from netizens who criticized his insensitivity to the seriousness of the Israel-Palestine tension.

Cohen later made his account private and shared another TikTok, drawing attention to a video in which Palestinians were seen using makeup to fake injuries.

He used that video to prove his claim that online videos of Palestinians suffering were “Hamas propaganda.”

However, according to TRT WorldReuters Fact Check confirmed that the video Cohen used to defend his claims was from a medical training exercise in 2017.

The video comes after another Israeli TikToker made a ‘Get Ready With Me’ video mocking war-torn Palestinians.

After the protest, he deleted his TikTok video.

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