Watch: Driving licenses issued to transgender persons in Rajanpur, Punjab

For the first time in the history of Rajanpur, a town in Punjab, transgender persons were issued driving licenses for motorcycles and rickshaws by the traffic police, opening the way for them to earn livelihood with dignity, it emerged on Sunday.

Surprisingly, the transgenders were given training in driving motorcycles and rickshaws by the police personnel before issuing the licenses.

Speaking to reporters after passing the exam for the license, Kinnars said that when they first came here to get motorcycle training, people made fun of them.

Transgenders believed that a driving license would help them get respectable jobs.

Earlier in June, driving licenses were issued to about 62 transgender persons for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

They were also being given training in the driving schools of Punjab Police. According to Punjab IG, the number of driving schools across Punjab has been increased from 32 to 64.

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