WATCH: Elon Musk says ‘genocide’ should not be acceptable to anyone

Well-known billionaire and Tesla Chairman Elon Musk, while speaking about the hatred being spread by Israel among Palestinians due to its continuous attacks in Gaza, said that genocide should not be acceptable to anyone.

He reiterated that attacks by the occupation forces would stoke hatred towards Israel and create more members for Hamas – a Palestinian resistance group.

Musk’s comments came when he appeared on the Lex Friedman podcast on YouTube.

“If you’re not going to commit outright genocide, like against an entire people, which obviously wouldn’t be acceptable, shouldn’t really be acceptable to anyone. Then you would basically leave a lot of people alive Who then, you know, hate Israel,” he said.

middle east eyeA UK-based news website shared a quote from Musk’s interview for

He said, “For every Hamas member you kill, how many did you create? And if you create more than you kill, you have not succeeded.”

Commenting on the hatred Israel is generating among Palestinians with its barbaric actions, the world’s richest man said: “It’s safe to say that if, you know, if you kill somebody’s child in Gaza, So you’ve created at least some Hamas members who would die just to kill an Israeli.”

Musk’s comments come as Netanyahu’s administration and his occupation forces have claimed at least 11,078 Palestinians who were residents of the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of the Strip’s population are fleeing what is now being described as horrific forced migration and displacement of innocent civilians who are being targeted by Israel in acts of xenophobia and hatred.

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