WATCH: Picnicker drives into trouble at Karachi’s Sea View

An awkward situation arose for a citizen of Karachi on Friday when his jeep got stuck in the sand on the Sea View beach which is one of the most visited public places for Karachiites.

The citizen named Faheem, who is a resident of Nazimabad, had brought his family for a picnic at Sea View and was driving his jeep into the waves. However, this attempt to have some fun turned out to be a blunder for Faheem as the jeep’s tyres got stuck in the wet sand.

Speaking about the incident, the police said that lifeguards present on the beach had warned Faheem against taking the jeep near the sea but he ignored their advice.

South Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sheeraz Nazeer said that pulling the jeep out was not the police’s job and neither did they have any equipment for this task.

He added that the relevant authorities were informed about the matter to do what was required, while a police party was deployed at the beach to keep things in check.

Later, the jeep was retrieved hours after with the help of a tractor.

The police confirmed the development and said that the citizen’s negligence did not require legal action, however, he has been warned to refrain from doing the same again.

They said that the jeep had been handed over back to Faheem. 

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