Watch: Tornado damages homes in Chicago, air traffic has to be shut down

As the weather continues to worsen across the US, several tornadoes have been reported across Chicago, with several videos showing violent winds building up in the sky over the city’s northwestern suburbs.

Videos uploaded to multiple social media accounts showed the tornado moving toward South Elgin and St. Charles in Kane County.

The National Weather Service also confirmed reports of tornadoes in South Elgin and Campton Hills.

Airports were forced to cease operations after violent weather was reported, with city officials advising residents to take shelter as tornado sirens wailed across America’s third largest city.

According to officials, they were called to the Edgewater (Dale Webb) subdivision at Bowes and Randall Roads after receiving reports of a tornado.

“There, 19 homes around the 2800 block of Stony Creek Drive were damaged, but no injuries were reported and all residents died,” police said.

Elgin police also said that 10 homes suffered “significant damage”, while another nine had “cosmetic damage”.

The area was expected to remain closed overnight as residents were being relocated.

The NWS also reported that a tornado touched down near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Wednesday evening — one of at least eight tornadoes to hit northeastern Illinois, including four in Cook County.

“This tornado is still making landfall intermittently and moving to the east. There are additional circulations south of O’Hare. Take shelter if in a warning area,” before saying that the area tornado was free from ,

While the images showing the two tornadoes were dramatic, nbc 5 Storm team meteorologists said that this does not appear to be the case for what are called “twin tornadoes”, or two tornadoes originating from the same storm cell, usually with two different rotations.

Professional weather observers and other searchers also reported tornadoes on the ground in several other locations, including another touchdown at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, where several warehouses were damaged on the west side of the airport, as were that is shown in the video.

Tornadoes also struck areas near Stickney and Berwyn, with the NWS describing the tornado as “large and extremely dangerous”.

Another tornado was also reported near Hodgkins and Summit.

Elsewhere, weather investigators reported downed trees and scattered debris in the Carroll Stream in DuPage County. A tornado was reported in that area.

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